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Our Story

Gymnastics began in Warragul back in 1986.

Originally it was run at the Leisure Centre, holding two one-hour classes per week.  It was then moved to the Exhibition Hall where classes ran three afternoons a week. Equipment was having to be setup and packed away after each session. It then bounced around a bit before ending up in the Drill Hall where it is still running.

We are now a Recreational Gymnastics Australia affiliated club, delivering a high quality recreational gymnastics program.

Our Philosophy

We aim to contribute to our community in a positive way by providing a safe, welcoming and positive environment in which children and their families can experience the sport of gymnastics.

Children enjoy swinging, jumping, rolling and hanging upside down. Gymnastics allows them to experience and develop these skills in a safe and fun environment. Gymnastics develops overall fitness and a positive awareness of body movement. It provides all round conditioning relevant to many other sports.

Children's self esteem is paramount. It should be nurtured in a positive environment. It can be enhanced by meeting challenges and successfully mastering skills. Competition can be a part of this.

Children bring different levels of ability to gymnastics. We aim to allow every child to experience gymnastics to the best of that ability in a positive environment.

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